my approach


My approach to every wedding is different, as every wedding itself is different. Meeting the Bride and Groom and getting a feel for the type of people they are and the type of wedding they have planned helps me to decide the approach I will take to capturing their day. 

My goal is to capture the day in a way that the Bride and Groom are comfortable with and allow them to enjoy every part of the day.There is no awkwardness or silly poses from me, and I never make anyone do anything they’d rather not do.  Everyone is different; I have had couples that have said “Just get one good photo and that’s enough”, and I have had couples send me a list as long as my arm of all of the details they would like captured on the day. Either way, I aim to capture as many ‘forever memories’ as possible.

I always meet up with the bride and groom before the wedding in order to discuss all of their ideas and the details for the big day. It is also a great opportunity to meet and get to know each other a bit. A lot of the couples I work with turn into my friends. I’ve even had guests ask me if I am a friend of the bride and groom at multiple weddings- I say “we are now”. 

I have photographed lots of weddings in many different places and styles of venue. I use my experience to help the bride and groom on the day in any way that I can. Whether it is just a calming word for a nervous groom or making sure there is enough seats reserved for the bridesmaids in the ceremony room, I try my best to help make your day run as smoothly as possible.

 My main aim is to allow the bride and groom to enjoy their special day, as time flies on your wedding day. From the moment I step out of my car, I am focussed and ready to capture every moment I possibly can until it is time to leave.